Archangel and Angel Correspondances The Elements of Water
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The Element of Water

Elemental Correspondences:

Element Ruled by:
Water Guardian Angel: Archangel Gabriel. (Some traditions show as: Raphael)
Water Angel: Taliahad.
Water Ruler: Tharsis.
Water King: Niksa.
Direction: South.
Time Ruled: Twilight.
Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.
Wind: Zephyrus.
Qualities: Cold, Moist, heavey and Passive.
Hour of Day Governed: Twilight.
Season Governed: Autumn.
Alchemical Symbol: See Above.
Magical Phrase: Adure, to dare.
Magical Tool: Cup.
Tattvic Symbol: Silver Crescent ( Apas).
Tattivic Tide: September 23rd to December 23rd.
Symbolic Creatures:
Scorpion, Snake, Dolphin, Dragon, and all water creatures.
Elemental Symbol: Cup of Joseph.
Elemental Spirits: Undines.
Element Colour:
Gem: Aquamarine.
Incense: Myrrh.
Animal: Dolphin, Fish, Seals, all water animals.
Elemental Plants: All water plants.
Elemental Tarot - Major Arcana: Hanged Man (XII).
Elemental Tarot - Minor Arcana: Cups.
Talismanic Elemental Angel: Chankel.
Body System Ruled: Stomach and urinary system.
Geomantic Number: 4.
Sefira Number: 9.
Postive Aspects: Forgiving, Modest, Sensitive and Compassionate.

Negative Aspects:

Lazy, Insecure, Indifferent, Dependent and Fridgid.
Astrological Personalities: People born under the signs of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces being one of the two drawn elements meaning it is part of two of the classical elements are thought to have dominant water personalities. Water personalities tend to be emotional, kind, nurturing, sympathetic, empathetic and intuitive; however, they can also be needy, sentimental, over-sensitive and irrational.
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