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Angels and Archangels - Man has held a belief in Angels (Latin angelus; Greek aggelos; from the Hebrew for "one going" or "one sent"; messenger) since biblical times and he has also tried to harness their help and power for his own ends.

These Angels are represented throughout the Bible, and other Holy works, as a body of spiritual beings intermediate between God and men and it is implied that each individual soul has its tutelary or appointed Guardian Angel. This site explores this relationship and examines ways of communicating with your teaching angels.

This site is owned by ArchAn Publishing a recently established publisher of angelic material, and supernatural material, but maintained by The Order Lux Lucis of Rose (Order of the Light of the Rose). It is the objective of the Order to re-discover the true and ancient Kabbala of Angelic Magical teachings, (The Pauline Art) and make this information available to those who are interested in applying such knowledge, to assist them in contacting their Holy Guardian Angels.

As this site develops it will become a melting-pot of all things supernatural, angelic, angel and related planetary correspondences, library of related angelic books, Society published books, visitor stories and approved links to other angelic sites.

The site is the result of many years of research into the principles of angelic magic, as practiced by such proponents as Solomon, Dr Dee and Edward Kelly, Paracelsus, Cornelius Agrippa, Peter d'Abano, and others. We will also be making, in the fullness of time, those works that have fallen into the public domain.

This site therefore welcomes all, Christians, Angelologists, Occultists and New Age proponents. There will be nothing harmful, mentally or spiritually, published on this site, so visit us often.

We wish you well.

Angelus Veneficus

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