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In this section we intend bringing you miscellaneous information concerning Archangels and the related information relevent to the Pauline Art (the ancient Angelic Kabbala).

What is the Pauline Art?
Order of the Light of the Rose.
Table of Angelic Hours - Ancient.
Table of Angelic Hours - Modern.
Table of Herbal Correspondences.
Find Your Moon Angel.
Writing to an Archangel.
Angelic hierarchy.
Seven Heavens.
The Seven Archangels.
Catholic Encyclopedia - Angels.
Angels in Islam.
Angels in Paganism.
Angels in the Egyptian Tradition.
Angels in Judaism.
The 28 Mansions of the Moon.
The Fallen Angels.
Angelic Giants - Nephilim.
The Grigori - Angelic Watchers.
The Watchers - The Book of Enoch
The Sarim - Angelic Princes
Prayers to the Archangels & Angels.
Condensed Angelic Correspondences - Day, Dominion and Colour.
Feast Days of the Archangels.
Birth Date and Archangel Rulership's
The Lost Books of the Bible.
Fixed Stars in each of the Zodiac Houses
Archangels & Angels of Punishment
The Chief Princes of the Altitudes
( Choras) the Four Cardinal Points.
King Solomon's Ring or Seal.
The Angels of the Zodiac.
Angels of the Months.
Tarot - A Short History
Angels and the Tarot.
The Angelic Orders and the Tree of Life
Freewill and Karmic Debt
Angelic Communication Oil
The Choirs of Angels as associated with the Sefirah on the Tree of Life.
72 Angels of God Click Here


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Archangels and Angels - The First Light

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Miscellaneous Angelic Information.
The Mystical Number 7.
The Seven Traditional Planets.
The Seven Rays of Healing & Enlightenment.
The Seven Days of Creation.
The Seven Seals of the Planets.
The Seven Olympian Spirts.
The Seven Heights & Seven Angels.
The Seven Celestial Halls.
The Seven Seals - The Book of Revelations.
The Seven Laws of the Pauline Art
The Seven Archangels in other Traditions
The Seven Great Spirits
Contacting Your Angels
Working with your Angels
Why Study the Pauline Art
Practitioners of the Pauline Art
Biblical Interpretations:  
The Trees of the Garden of Eden
Links to related sites
Astrological Calculators
Practitioners of Angelic magic



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